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  • Jack Rugan

Make your customers your fans!

Let's take the way back machine to May 1966. I'm a 3-year old tyke born during the best decade of popular music. And while other pre-schoolers were listening to the likes of "Farmer in the dell" and other kiddie records, my parents were cool enough to introduce me to this band from England called The Beatles. As I vaguely recall, my first exposure to this now lifelong love affair occurred via the saturday morning Beatles cartoon. And I have been hooked on the fab four and power of rock and roll since! Since then, our ears have been fortunate to hear some of the best chords, lyrics, riffs, hooks, and creative production techniques in the history of recorded music.

Still, nothing beats seeing our favorite bands or solo acts performing our favorite songs live, right? Well, just as long as they are great performers, that's indeed true. Sure, the music itself sounds amazing in it's recorded form, however, if it's performed live at a subpar level, the lasting impression could lead to greatly diminished fanbase. Now at the opposite end of the spectrum is a fanbase that is growing in leaps and bounds because not only is the artist a great performer, they are are likable as individuals. They appreciate their fans, respect them and thrive on the interactions, be it from the stage or a chance meeting at the airport.

The same holds true when it comes to you and your customers and prospects. Your "record", be it software, service, a device, or essentially any product your representing gets great reviews in print or online and it's really starting to pick up momentum and get more and more exposure. Then you have the opportunity to present it in person. And if you're "performance" is not up to par, likely you have not gained any new fans. Or, let's say your live presentation has gone extremely well and you've now possibly picked up some new fans. How you keep them will depend on what happens after the big show. Ongoing positive interactions with your fanbase will ultimately result in the word getting out to others just how great your "new record" is. But more importantly, just how exceptional the person presenting it is.

This is the focus of The "Rock The Presentation!" workshop! Using the power of musical performance, you and members of your organization will learn the techniques for delivering a rock solid presentation which will leave a lasting positive impression on your audience. What results is more fans and more business!

For more information on how to become a presentation rockstar, click here.

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