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How many times have you sat through a presentation or have been part of one in which watching paint dry would be more exciting?

As with The “Rock The Presentation!” workshop, Presentation “Remastering” offers your organization the opportunity to break the rules of that 90’s era PowerPoint design. RTP has successfully overhauled presentation slide decks for some of the most respected speakers/presenters in today’s professional world. Here’s just one example:


“Too many PowerPoint presentations are indistinguishable from one another. Jack breaks the mold.  He takes your ideas and translates them in a way that makes your message POP and keeps today’s busy audiences engaged throughout your presentation. Oh yeah, and he’s a great guy as well!”


                    - Julie Hansen, author of Sales Presentations for Dummies and ACT Like a Sales Pro!


RTP’s Presentation “Remastering” services cover the gamut of visual design.Whether your organization needs a presentation deck “remastered”, one built from scratch, a new logo, or even print materials overhauled, RTP will make your visuals shine!


Take advantage of a free “Before & After” sample RTP will provide for your organization by clicking on the button below.

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