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How many times have you sat through or have taken part in a yearly sales kick off or companywide event and it felt like sitting through the most boring class back in school? All too often, organizations miss the mark at their quarterly and/or yearly meetings, focusing too much on what members of their team are NOT doing right or putting too much of an academic bent on the event. (Hey! That rhymed!)


The goal of a yearly kick-off meeting or other company event should be to re-energize members of the organization. And there’s no better way to do so than to include some kick-ass rock and roll, right?


RTP is available to energize your audience, be it a 1 to 2-hour interactive experience or a half-day “EP version” of the “Rock The Presentation!” Workshop. Your team will walk away fully invigorated and ready to “own their stage” in any form of presentation as they roll through the new fiscal year!


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