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Think you have what it takes to be a presentation rock star? Rock The Presentation! offers a fun, interactive and rewarding experience in both 1 and 2-day formats. Think of it as either single or double album!


Take a moment and get a favorite song in your head. Now think about the time you witnessed a live performance of that song from your favorite solo artist or band. That’s quite a nice memory, right? Now apply that same principle to your product demonstration, sales meeting, training session or any type of customer facing event. Your audience may remember a small to fair amount of what you’re presenting, however, ultimately they will remember how YOU presented it.


Here’s a sneak peek at the “set list” of what you will learn in the “Rock The Presentation!” workshop:

Break the rules: Scrap that traditional and stale corporate presentation.

Stage Fright: Embrace it and harness its power!

Nuances: It’s the little differences in your presentation that makes all the difference!

Your Fans: What you can learn from your customer base and how to leverage it.

Ear worm: How to avoid bad techniques that often linger in the mind of your customers

In The Moment: Effective audience engagement techniques

Power Chords & Riffs: How to grab your audience’s attention and keep it!

Lyrics That Resonate: What is your message to your audience?

Setting The Stage: Visual design that stays with your audience long after your presentation

Taking Requests: Learn effective audience management techniques


For more information on The RTP workshop, click the link below!

The goal of the Demo2Win!® workshop is simple: learn a practical, proven set of skills, tools and methods that both beginning and experienced technology professionals can immediately implement thus improving their team’s demo-to-win ratio.

For more information on 2win! workshop offerings, click the link below!

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